Xiaomi Smartphones Will Not Get HyperOS Update If Bootloader Unlocking is Enabled

India’s most trusted and loved smartphone manufacturer, Xiaomi, has improved a lot in every aspect, from technology to adding new features and enhancements, and it’s very well-known for manufacturing premium quality smartphones at a very affordable range.

 At the same time, the brand has its own Android skin, MIUI, which was the brand’s companion for 13 years. MIUI was considered the most intuitive Android skin, and now the brand has decided to bid adieu to its 13-year companion and replace it with a new member in the house.

A couple of months ago, Xiaomi announced that the brand is going to give a sweet farewell to its 13-year companion MIUI and bring a new and intuitive Android Skin, the HyperOS. Xiaomi confirmed that the HyperOS will make its debut with its latest premium series, the Xiaomi 14 series, and will gradually replace the MIUI completely.

However, users might not get the HyperOS update if they have bootloader unlocking enabled, even if their smartphones are running on HyperOS based on Android 14. On the flip side, Xiaomi has officially confirmed that the bootloader unlocking will be disabled by default on Xiaomi HyperOS so that users get the device’s security, avoid data leakage, and have a secure user experience.  

In the same context, Xiaomi’s latest HyperOS has arrived with a number of interesting features and enhancements for the Xiaomi smartphones. The new features of HyperOS include enhanced performance, AI-powered features like camera capabilities, streamlined design, and more. 

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