Xiaomi Watch H: Xiaomi Watch H With HyperOS Will LaunchSoon

Xiaomi has always been a step ahead in offering innovative performance in its electronic devices, and the smartwatches are no exception. Like other successful and big tech brands, Xiaomi also offers a wide range of smartwatches that are significantly loved by a number of users. In the same context, Xiaomi has been gearing up to introduce a brand-new series of smartwatches.

Some reports from sources reveal that the most popular Chinese tech manufacturer, Xiaomi, is going to introduce a brand-new lineup of smartwatches. Although the current smartwatch series of Xiaomi includes the Xiaomi Watch and Xiaomi Watch S. that, Xiaomi will now have three smartwatch lineups in its treasure, except for Redmi and POCO smartwatches.

According to a tech enthusiast, Mukul Sharma, Xiaomi will be bringing a new smartwatch lineup, and it will be named Xiaomi Watch H. However, what the “H” letter stands for is yet to be clear. 

Surprisingly, he has also mentioned that Xiaomi’s latest H series will be packed with HyperOS, and it’s highly expected that the brand might launch it in the first quarter of 2024. However, it’s worth mentioning that it’s not the first smartwatch to get HyperOS because the recently launched Xiaomi Watch S3 and Redmi Watch 4 have already received the latest HyperOS.

At the moment, it’s unclear whether the latest Xiaomi Watch H lineup will only be exclusive to some countries or whether the brand will make it available to multiple countries as well. On the flip side, the brand-new Xiaomi Watch S3, as well as the Redmi Watch 4, haven’t made it to the global markets yet, and they are currently being sold out in China only. At the same time, it’s expected that Xiaomi will significantly follow the tradition and might also release smartwatches in other regions as well.     

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