HyperOS: Poco F5 will get HyperOS Update Soon

We heard just a few days ago that POCO F5 will be receiving the HyperOS update soon. The company has officially announced the start of the HyperOS update rollout for POCO F5, but the update is yet to be released. HyperOS builds for POCO F5 are ready, indicating that the release may be imminent.

POCO plans to unveil the POCO F5, a model in the POCO F series, in 2023, along with a HyperOS update.

After undergoing thorough testing, we will soon release the update to users. It is important to note that HyperOS is based on Android 14, and along with the HyperOS update, users will also receive the Android 14 update.

The smartphone will receive a HyperOS update in late December. Xiaomi HyperOS builds its core on Linux and Xiaomi’s self-developed Xiaomi Vela system. Its exceptional compatibility and precise system resource management capabilities enable it to deliver ideal performance to every device.

It supports over 200 processor platforms and over 20 standard file systems, covering hundreds of device types and thousands of SKUs, and it allows flexible configuration, operation, and deployment.

It tailors to the hardware requirements and incorporates lightweight and efficient operating system restructuring modules for optimal device performance.

Xiaomi HyperOS focuses on security resources, and this also extends to interconnected security modules. Xiaomi’s self-developed TEE serves as the foundation of our security subsystem.

This isolated security OS, operating on dedicated hardware, is purpose-built to protect sensitive information on smartphones and IoT devices. It covers a wide range of security features, such as biometrics and password screen locks.

This interconnected security module-based TEE ensures mutual trust between devices within the network to secure the entire network. Xiaomi HyperOS uses end-to-end encryption via TEE for data transmission between devices. The update has completed thorough testing and is ready for launch.

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