Xiaomi Unveils its Electric Car as Apple Car Rumors Swirl

With Xiaomi preparing for the rollout of the electric car, its Tesla rival (if that’s what it is), speculation and information leaks are heating up. Some images of an electric car from Xiaomi arrived recently, giving a glimpse at the streamline model expected to be on store shelves in half 2024. With the car priced between 24,000 and 38,00 euros–much cheaper than a Tesla–the company stands poised to hit its market. This is especially true in China.

But leaked images and information have caused worries for Xiaomi, prompting the reported firing of three employees. Xiaomi’s reaction shows just how difficult it is to keep a secret in this day and age, something that remains true even for companies as reclusive about their product development methods as Apple.

Surrounding Xiaomi, there is a rumor that Apple may also enter the electric-car market. Apple, famous for its tightly locked confidentiality measures, has hidden behind the curtain on this project for years. A recent leak, however, points to possible developments in Apple’s automotive enterprises.

The electric car market is already quite crowded, full of numerous startups and aggressive product launches from established manufacturers. A homegrown consumer electronics giant, Xiaomi started in smartphones and home appliances. However, it hopes to make a great splash with its electric car on the world stage–least of all at home. Recently the company’s stocks have performed better than those of Tesla and BYD.

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