The Renowned HyperOs Update For The Poco F5 Is Here

POCO Global has officially said they’re starting the HyperOS update for the POCO F5 phone. They are getting ready for POCO F5 HyperOS updates even though they are not available everywhere yet. This will give users a better experience with the phone soon. Here are the details regarding the POCO F5 HyperOS upgrade:

The POCO F5 phone came out in 2023, and people are excited about the new HyperOS update. Even though they haven’t told us exactly when it will be released, recent versions made inside the company give some clues about what users can look forward to.

The most recent internal builds of HyperOS for the POCO F5 include OS1.0.4.0.UMREUXM, OS1.0.3.0.UMRINXM, and OS1.0.2.0.UMRMIXM. These builds are currently undergoing testing, and once the process is complete, the update will be made available to users. Importantly, HyperOS is built on the Android 14 platform. This means that users are getting both the HyperOS update and the upgrade to Android 14 at the same time.

As for timing, we expect the HyperOS upgrade for the POCO F5 to be completed by the end of December at the latest. The first to receive updates will participate in the POCO HyperOS Pilot Tester Program. People are asked to wait for the release announcement when HyperOS is finally out.

Both Xiaomi 13 Ultra and POCO F5 get HyperOS, an expensive software update. This is something people have been waiting for. Available only in Europe, this great addition puts the Xiaomi 13 Ultra at the forefront of taking advantage of the new features provided by HyperOS. Labelled as OS1.0.5.0GUMAEUXM and coming in 5 GB, this update offers more improvements in how Xiaomi 13 Ultra phones perform better for users than before.


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