Xiaomi leaked about Xiaomi 100 W car dual port charger

A few days ago, Xiaomi announced in his official post that he is going to launch an electric car soon, and now he has informed us that the charging portal has unveiled its first new 100W car dual port charger set in China.

This charger has a metal elastic design that comes with a C cable and supports a 6A high current. It can provide a maximum power output of 100 W at a time while the maximum power of the USB interface is 90W, and the maximum output is 6.1A. It will be able to charge Oppo,vivo, and Xiaomi phones as well as other companies’ phones.

It has an anti-slip shrapnel design, which makes it fit even during rough roads. It can also monitor real-time charging status with four color displays. It has an expected cycle life of 3,000 for USB A and 10,000 for USB C. It can also operate in a temperature range between ten degrees and forty degrees Celsius, which will work comfortably even in cold or heat.

Estimatedly, its price could be up to 99 CYN or $14. However, the global availability and pricing of Xiaomi car dual port chargers is not known.

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