Here Is Full Details Of Xiaomi SU7 EV’s Five Core Technologies

Xiaomi recently launched its SU7 in China after we got some new information about it. Xiaomi unveiled five key automotive technologies introduced by Xiaomi SU7 that reflect the HumanX CarX Home smart ecosystem. These are – e-motor, battery, Xiomi die-casting, Xiaomi Pilot autonomous driving and smart cabin.


Xiaomi revealed its independently developed Hyper Engine V6/V6s and Hyper Engine V8 featuring bidirectional full oil cooling technology, S-shaped oil circuit design and staggered silicon steel lamination design. Its internal combustion engines are composed of larger V8 and V6 powertrains.

With Hyper Engine V8s, a maximum speed limit of 27,200 rpm, 425 kW output and 635 nm peak torque, it sets a global record for e-motors, taking its performance to new heights. The hyper V8 uses the industry’s first ultra-high-strength silicon steel plate with 960MPa strength to enable the 27,200 standards.

For cooling, the Hyper Engine V8s comprises a bidirectional fill oil cooling technology, an S-shaped oil circuit design, and a dual cycle oil circuit; the more rote section uses a patented S-shaped oil circuit. Its stator silicon steel lamination has a “step-like” staggered design that adjusts to temperature.


Xiaomi also developed its CTB-integrated battery technology through multifunctional elastic interlayer and a minimalistic wiring system. It has a battery integration efficiency of 77.8%, which is the highest among CTB batteries worldwide, making it easy to cover long distances and heat resistance capability.

Xiaomi EV is made with a self-developed BMS with the highest functional safety level ASIL-D. This BM includes three independent thermal runaway monitors and alarms as well as a round-the-clock early warning system.

Xiaomi die-casting 

Xiaomi has developed a foundation model quality decision system, Xiaomi Titans Metal, that provides ten times higher efficiency than manual inspection. The use of its cluster rear underbody integrates 72 components into one, reducing welded joints to 840, reducing car weight by 17%, and production hours by 45 %.

Xiaomi has also unveiled a casting T9100 cluster and die-casting alloy material, making it the only domestic automaker that is simultaneously researching both large die-casting and material. Its die-casting material covers an area of 840m with a total weight of 1050t and a locking force of 9100t. Xiaomi‘s self-developed “multi-material performance simulation system” selects the alloy formula of 10.16 million, ensuring the perfect combination of strength and flexibility. 

Xiaomi Pilot autonomous driving

Xiaomi has exposed three major technologies in its autonomous driving:

  1. Adaptive BEV technology
  2. Road mapping foundational model
  3. Super res occupancy network technology

Adaptive BEV technology is an innovation that applies algorithms based on the environment. The perception grid has a minimum granularity of 5 cm and a maximum of 20 cm, with a detection range spanning from 5 cm to 250 m. This technology ensures wide visibility in cities, extended vision at high speeds, and greater precision in parking scenarios.

The road mapping basic model also learns to navigate complex routes and intersections without relying on visuals and experienced driver’s maps. It also developed an end-to-end sensing and decision-making AI model.

Xiaomi‘s super res occupancy network technology achieves unlimited range detection for irregular obstacles. Xiaomi’s self-developed one-click noise reduction feature can eliminate the impact of rain and snow on recognition.

Smart Cabin

The Xiaomi EV smart cabin is human-centric and features a 16.1-inch 3K central console, 56-inch HUD head-up display, a 7.1 rotating dashboard, two seat back extension mounts and Snapdragon 8295 with AI computing power. Equipped with an in-car chip, it enables an ultimate interactive experience by connecting up to five different screens.

It provides device connection between the smartphone and the EV and also supports the application of CarPlay, mounting of iPad and accessories and rear extension mount to provide ease to the users.

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