Breaking: POCO Confirms the POCO X6 Pro To Launch With Xiaomi HyperOS in India!

Xiaomi’s sub-brand POCO is all set to launch its latest smartphone, the POCO X6 Series, globally, which is scheduled for January 11th. With that, it’s officially confirmed that the POCO X6 Pro is arriving in the global market and will be powered with the latest Xiaomi HyperOS, out of the box.

The Chinese smartphone brand Xiaomi is preparing for its next smartphone launch, the POCO X6 series, in the global market, including India. While it’s quite surprising and amazing at the same time that the brand is launching the POCO X6 Pro with the latest Xiaomi HyperOS, becoming the first smartphone within the X series segment,

At the same time, sharing a short poster on X, POCO has officially disclosed that the latest incoming, the POCO X6 Pro, is going to be an ultimate smartphone, which will be powered by the Xiaomi HyperOS, which is based on Android 14. The online global launch event will be held on January 11 at 5:30 p.m. IST, exclusively on Flipkart.

In the meantime, the brand further calls the POCO X6 Pro a true quasi-flagship smartphone, which is going to offer flagship-level speedy performance and an enhanced user experience. Since it’s featuring Xiaomi HyperOS, this latest upcoming smartphone will be a good upgrade in terms of its functionalities and technologies.

On the flip side, it’s already been confirmed that the latest POCO X6 Pro is going to feature a MediaTek Dimnesity 8300 Ultra chipset, a 5000mm VC cooling capacity, and WildBoost 2.0 for gaming optimizations. Other than that, there’s no more official confirmation about its specifications, but we need to wait for the brand to reveal the official details as we are approaching the launch.

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