POCO Launcher 2.0 New Update Has Arrived With Bug Fixes: Here’s Download Link 

POCO Launcher is the official application of the brand, which is too fast and lightweight, especially for Android smartphones. It delivers high-end performance and decent design. Now the brand is upgrading it.

The Poco Launcher application is getting a new update that upgrades its functionality and performance. The update has arrived with its own identification build number, so that the users can easily find out the update, which is v4.39.14.7574.

The brand has also set up an installation package for the update that is pretty tiny, just 38 MB in size, so the users don’t need a strong internet connection and can easily download the update. However, before downloading this update, users must make sure of which OS version their device is running on. The brand has set a limitation to the update, which is that it is only applicable to devices that are running on at least Android 11 and above.

With this update, the brand is fixing all the bugs and known issues that were spotted in the previous version and were creating a kind of inconvenience to the users file while performing some specific functionalities. The stability, reliability, and comparability of the device also increase, which leads to seamless and flawless functionality and performance.

Users can easily download this update by just tapping on the download link mentioned below.

OPPO Launcher 2.0 Update: V4.39.14.7574: Download Link

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