Xiaomi Redmi G Pro 2024 Laptops to Feature Intel 14th Gen HX CPUs and Snapdragon X Elite Testing

Xiaomi, the most popular Chinese tech manufacturer, has always ensured to deliver the most advanced and intuitive technology experience to its users, from its smartphones to laptops or PCs. At the same time, the brand is all set to enter into 2024 with a bang, preparing to introduce a wide range of laptops that are powered by Intel 14th Gen HX CPUs. Along with that,  it’s also experimenting with the new Snapdragon Elite chipsets (Snapdragon X Elite).

With that, 2024 is going to set the stage for new and advanced technologies, as several chip manufacturers will be in the race to be the toughest competitors within the PC and laptop categories. AMD, Intel, and Apple are already in the competition with their respective laptop chips, and now a new competitor is joining the list: Qualcomm with its most recent PC chip, the Snapdragon Elite chipsets (Snapdragon X Elite).

At the same time, according to Mochamad Farido Fanani’s post shared on X, Xiaomi is preparing for its next and most advanced gaming laptop, the Redmi G Pro 2024, consisting of two memory configurations: the i5- 14500HX processor with RTX4060+16GB DDR5 graphics card, while there’s another version, the i9- 14900HX with 16GB DDR5 processor. The Redmi G Pro 2024 laptop is based on the latest Intel’s 14th Gen chips.

On the flip side, Xiaomi is also experimenting with offering Qualcomm’s latest Snapdragon Elite chipsets (Snapdragon X Elite) in its notebooks. It’s been reported that it’s been a while since the brand has manifested itself in manufacturing light and thin notebooks running on the latest chips.

In addition, the Snapdragon Elite chips (Snapdragon X Elite) are expected to offer a boosted and strong performance, but whether they’re going to deliver the best performance is something that all Xiaomi enthusiasts will look forward to.


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