MIUI 16 Codes Have Been Added To The HyperOS Beta Is HyperOS 2.0 Coming?

Xiaomi has started upgrading its eligible devices with its latest update, HyperOS. But even before the HyperOS 1.0 update completely rolls out for all eligible devices, the brand has already started gearing up for HyperOS 2.0.

Undoubtedly, Xiaomi has shaken up its family with its new step. Since the rolling-out process of the HyperOS 1.0 update is not over yet, nobody expected HyperOS 2.0. Recent reports reveal that Xiaomi’s tech giants have started working on HyperOS 2.0.

As it is already known that MIUI 15 is renamed HyperOS, by this prospect, MIUI 16 will be HyperOS 2.0. If the reports are to be believed, Xiaomi has started working on HyperOS 2.0, and this is being speculated by a spotting on Mi Code. MIUI 16 code lines seem to be in the HyperOS update, which indicates that the brand is already working on its next user interface.

It is also known that this new user interface update will be based on Android 15 and will be first rolled out to Xiaomi 14 series users. The recent spotting of MIUI 16 confirmed the existence of the next Xiaomi HyperOS 2.0. Whereas Xiaomi HyperOS 1.0 is internally named MIUI 15 and holds the version number V816.

At the moment, only the internal testing of HyperOS 2.0 (MIUI 16) has been spotted; the version number is yet to be spotted. On the flip side, Google also started working on the Android 15 operating system. The forthcoming Xiaomi HyperOS 2.0, based on Android 15, is expected to be launched by the end of the year.

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