Xiaomi Smart Camera Have Hit More Than 11 Million Units Of Sales

Xiaomi’s Smart Camera Series is a lucrative product in China as well as in India. Xiaomi’s recent official TwitterX poster reports that the sales of the smart camera series lineup have crossed 11 million units.

The data reflects both online and offline sales across all platforms. The Xiaomi Smart camera series consists of Xiaomi Smart Camera PTZ Edition SE+,2 AI Advanced Edition, 3 Pro PTZ -2K and Xiaomi Smart Camera 2K. The lineup also includes some other models like Xiaomi Smart Camera 2 PTZ Edition and Xiaomi Smart Camera 3 PTZ Edition.

Xiaomi offers better function and affordability under the Smart Camera Series, in which AI and 360-degree 1080p 2i are designed for those who want better accessibility. The prices of the models range between 1531 Indian Rs. (129 CNY) and 4737 Indian Rs (199 CNY).

The most special thing about these cameras is that they adjust to light even in darkness, 3K image quality, optimized capturing, built-in sensor, ultra-low light full colour, high sensitivity image, Bluetooth mesh gateway and an infrared fill light with support for AI face recognition, humanoid dictation etc. The variety of options and values applies to users, and it has sold over 11 million units to date, but we don’t have any details on the sales number of Xiaomi Smart Cameras in overseas markets. 

It exemplifies the remarkable advances in facial recognition, objects, video quality and resolution to enhance home security. Transform its consumers’ homes into safe havens, using the latest advancements to protect their families and homes while protecting what matters most.


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