Xiaomi Will Launch The MIjia Smart Eye Massager In China

Xiaomi has launched the MIjia Smart Eye Massager in China. The product will be available on Xiaomi Youpin from 10:00 on January 17 and priced at 449 CNY and $63.

Mijia Eye Massager has been designed according to the structure of human eyes, which is incorporated with a unique split design with seven zones and four independent air valves. These valves target eight acupressure points around the eyes, providing the best massage experience.

The massager includes five sets of large airbags and four smaller airbags, which control the massaging motion, while the hollow internal structure reduces pressure on the eyeball. Additionally, it has a transparent window for visibility of the surroundings. 

In its design, leather is used, which gives a soft, comfortable, and fitting feel. It has an adjustable design and elastic straps to accommodate different head sizes. Along with this, the device features a high-quality and low-noise air valve system, ensuring quiet at less than 50 DBA. Its foldable design makes it portable and convenient.

Also included is NTC temperature control technology that enables monitoring and adjusting heat levels for a comfortable experience. Users also get the facility of smart connectivity of the device with the Xiaomi Mi Home App and can also use it offline.

It also packs a 1200 mAh battery with a charging time that takes 2.5 hours, weighs around 370 gm, and has dimensions of 234 x 115 x 76 mm.


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