Xiaomi: Things To Perform Before Handling Your Phone For Repair

Xiaomi has always worked on improving user experience by delivering some of the best possible features and functionalities that help offer a convenient and smooth user interface. Xiaomi smartphones offer such great functionalities, and generally, the brand is highly known for offering the best-evertechnologies in its devices. At the same time, smartphones are electronic devices, and every device needs to be repaired once or twice in its entire shelf life. But do you think that you must follow certain procedures before getting it repaired? 

As with other electronic devices, smartphones must be repaired in their entire shelf life. Doing this can extend their lifespan for at least a year. At the same time, there could be several reasons regarding sending your smartphone for repair. Whether your device is not working properly, you are having a software issue, or whatever reason, you must note a few things before getting your phone repaired. Likewise, you get your phone repaired because of bad battery backup, cracked phone screen, or your phone’s speaker not working properly.

In contrast, before getting your phone repaired, you must follow a few steps to back up all your data from your Xiaomi device. Thankfully, Xiaomi offers a seamless built-in feature, the Xiaomi cloud, in which you can easily back up all your phone’s data before handling your device for repair. Doing this will help your data to be safe, as handling your device with a backup can wipe out all your important data during the phone repair process, and there’s no way to get that data back if you haven’t backed it up. 

Xiaomi: Things To perform before Handling your phone for repair

You must follow a few important steps that are mentioned below before handling your device for repair:

  • Using your Xiaomi Cloud, you can easily backup your data of all your apps, here’s how to-
    • Open the Settings app on your Xiaomi device.
    • Scroll all the way down to the Mi Account and tap on it.
    • Then, select the Xiaomi Cloud option and follow the on-screen instructions so that the backup process can begin.
    • Once the backup is complete, disable all security passwords, then log out of Mi account and your Google account:
      • To log out of your Mi account: on the Settings page >> Mi Account >> Log Out.
      • To log out of your Google Account:  on the Settings page >> Accounts & Sync >> Google >> tap on your Google account >> more (three dots) >> Remove account.
    • Now, remove all your personal accessories, including SIM card, or SD card. 


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