Morgan Stanley Says Many Problems May Increase With Xiaomi EV 

Morgan Stanley briefly mentioned in the Advanced Driver Assistance System and “Smartphone+EV+LoT “that the Xiaomi EV is likely to face a lot of problems in the coming days.

On the other hand, analyst Andy Meng’s team said in a research note dated January 14 that “in light of industry headwinds (increasing similarities with consumer electronics in the EV industries), we believed Xaiomi is poised to become a disputer because it seeks to offer one of the best advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) functions and cabin user experience.”

The team explained that the number of electric cars has increased, making the EV industry even bigger than the traditional automotive industry.

Moreover, all the major components like batteries and motors have evolved rapidly over the years and have matured in every way; hence, there is competition among various EV manufacturers to be the best in terms of battery life and speed. The EV industry will have the highest competitiveness in the future.

Additionally, in terms of ADAS, Xiaomi is able to provide Level-2 assisted driving features for its own EVs for complex scenarios such as automated island circulation, which attracts users. 

The team said, “With its strong cost edge, our PROP analysis shows that the intrinsic value of EVs could reach Rmb 90 billion ($12.5 billion) if scale-up is rapid,”

Lei Jun said,” Xaiomi will become one of the top five global carmakers in 15-20 years and aims to become one of the Tier 1 players in the smart driving space in 2024.” An official launch date for Xiaomi SU7 has not been yet; Lei also said on December 26 that it was still a month away.

According to Morgan Stanley, if Xiaomi EV delivers high satisfaction levels in terms of product quality, vehicle design, price range and system stability, Xiaomi can achieve more rapid sales growth.

The team also said,” with its strong cost advantages, our PROP analysis shows that the intrinsic value of EVs could reach Rmb 90 Billion ($12 billion) if scale up is rapid.”

This technology allows remote monitoring and management of EV charging infrastructure as well as ensuring they are working properly when needed, significantly improving the user experience. Additionally, it provides all kinds of support to its consumers by connecting the cars to mobile phones with the help of HyperOS. It can have the highest price in providing better quality to all the things than other companies.


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