Xiaomi Pad 7 Series Gets HDR VIVID Certifications 

Xiaomi is near to unveiling its mid-range tablet globally, and its price alone can give tough competition to its competitors. It is equipped with a powerful processor and a high refresh rate display, which will make it distinguishable from other tablets. Xiaomi is soon going to release its two tabs, which could be Pad 7 Series, and it may include two models, Pad 7 and Pad 7 Pro. This Pad series will make the market more emulous. 

We get an idea of this from its certification, in which a Xiaomi tablet with model number 24018RPACC has surfaced on China’s certification platform.+

As per the certification, we can get an idea of some of its features, which indicate 120 W fast charging capability. also, the device shows HDR Vivid certification, which reflects the high dynamic range display (HDR) support in the tablet and promises to give more vibrant visuals to the customers.

Putting all the rumors together, we can say that the upcoming Xiaomi Pad 7 Pro will feature a 10-inch LCD screen with a high resolution of 1480 x 2367 pixels and 144 Hz refresh rate, and it is expected to be powered by Android 14 with the powerful Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 chipset. Hopefully, this model can have a storage capacity of up to 12 GB and 512 GB.

It may have a 50 MP dual camera setup and come with a quad speakers setup for audio, and we can expect a 10000 mAh battery. Xiaomi is also expected to launch the Xiaomi 14 Ultra along with the Xiaomi Pad 7 and Pad 7 Pro tablets in April 2024.


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