HyperOS Includes Some New Features

Xiaomi has left all the companies moving ahead in terms of innovation and development. The company has recently revealed that it is introducing Workbench 2.0 and Car Central Control Screen support. This is a great opportunity to showcase the functionality and versatility of the operating system. 

Additionally, Xiaomi recently announced that compatible devices would be included with Workbench 2.0, a home and car central control screen, among other features. It will also add an Automatic Layout function that allows you to avoid multiple windows automatically and prevent overlap. 

A window controller will also be included to open or close windows with just one click. With its help, it will be very easy to multitask. This multitasking feature can reduce your workflow and also save time. 

The most useful function of all this will be the Home Central Control Screen, which will connect all the devices in the home together, making it very easy for everyone to control them from your handset. This information about the car and other smart devices will be easily available to you. 

Users will be given a new feature in the area of connectivity that can access and control various aspects of their device, such as navigation, media playback and communications. Its connectivity speed will be faster than others. These upgrades are capable of creating new ecosystems. Xiaomi is poised for rapid growth and will create a platform for continued growth and differentiation in a competitive technology landscape.  

These will come preloaded with new features, while others will be available in updates with Android 14. The company is preparing to roll out it completely soon. 

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