Xiaomi 14 Ultra’s battery life has increased by 17% as compared to the 13 Ultra

Xiaomi has given new news about its new upcoming device, Xiaomi 14 Ultra; before this, the company revealed the camera kit and camera with the chipset will be the best performing of all the handsets to date. 

Its battery is being compared to the 13 Ultra, and its power has been increased to 5300 mAh, which increases its life by 17% while in the chipset, Xiaomi claims that the Ultra’s “Xiaomi Dragon Armor Architecture” provides strength and reliability, which promises to deliver a new level. 

On the other hand, the centre frame of Xiaomi’s display is two times more resistant to bending, and the screen is ten times more resistant to drops, while the back panel is said to be six times more wear-resistant. This hardest screen display makes users easily carry it in the rain and travel. 

The new material, “Kona Leather”, has received SGS Five-Star Durability Certification and will give this handset a fresh look that will easily attract all users. It makes it easy to carry and play the games, enjoying the entertainment. 

According to some rumours, we also expected from this handset that some special things could be seen in its display, which has been confirmed by the company today. It can be much better than Xiaomi Ultra 13 in terms of the back panel, camera island, and other things, which are confirmed by the rating websites. 

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