Xiaomi Advises Users Not To Use UV Adhesive Screen Protectors; It Will Affect The Warranty

For Redmi Note 13 Pro+ 5G users, the company has issued an advisory regarding liquid UV adhesive screen protectors. This handset was launched some time ago, and due to its features, users like it. 

UV Adhesive Screen Protectors

The company advises against using liquid UV adhesive screen protectors, saying they can affect device performance and potentially void your warranty. UV screen protector glass has been found to have a lot of shortcomings. It is useful in protecting your device’s screen from scratches, but it has also been found to lack touch sensitivity. However, it is considered to be one of the best screen protectors for curved phones.  

On the other hand, it won’t protect your phone from accidental drops, and liquid may leak out of the screens. Also, you may face a lot of trouble replacing it, whereas tempered glass screen protectors are stronger than liquid glass and can be replaced without any hassle if it breaks. 

Its Effects

The company further said we appreciate your trust in choosing Xiaomi for your smartphone experience. Using them can be quite risky for your device as this liquid can seep into your phone’s physical keys, charging port, speaker hole, and battery cover. It can cause problems like button malfunction, speaker noise, peeling of the battery cover leather, etc. 

Additionally, the company may also void your warranty. Instead of using this, you can try alternatives like tempered glass, non-tempered, or electrostatic films for screen protection so that you make yourself trouble-free. 

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