Xiaomi HyperOS: How To Automatically Clear Cache

Xiaomi HyperOS Automatically Clear Cache : CAPTCHA stands for “Completely Automated Public Turing Test to Tell Computers and Humans Apart”. If it is explained in simple language, then it can be said that on clicking on any website, this CAPTCHA checks whether you are human or not; it also helps identify viruses and worms. This can also serve as a test, and mainly, it is also a small part of your device’s storage. 

Apart from this, at present, in Android and almost all devices, there is a need to clear the captcha so that your phone can get better stability and the performance of your device can also be better, but now HyperOS is there to remove this hassle. A new feature has been introduced in which you will not need to clear the captcha again and again. HyperOS has brought an automatic feature to clear it. You can use it by following the steps given below – 

How To Automatically Clear Cache
  • Open security, 
  • Tap settings, 
  • Click battery optimizations, 
  • Touch clear cache when the device is locked, 
  • Set the timer, 
  • Then, you can easily get an automatic clear cache. 

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