Xiaomi has revealed the launch of the SU7 Electric Vehicle (EV) 

Xiaomi has revealed its best phones, like the Xiaomi Ultra 14, this year, and new news is coming out that it can launch its SU7 Electric Vehicle (EV) this year, for which people have been waiting for a long time. It may be confirmed by the end of this month. 

An official report has revealed that Xiaomi has started building related stores in China but has yet to confirm the price of this SU7 electric vehicle. We will know about it only at the time of launch. 

Based on its specifications, it will be available in the market at an estimated price of 250,000 – 370,000 yuan ($35,176 – $52,061), or it can be even more expensive. The company aims to achieve a new sales milestone. Shortly after launching it in China, it will be launched Globally. 

However, news has been coming out about this car from time to time, but the company has not specifically confirmed any specifications; only its color can be guessed. There is a 100% chance of having HyperOS, which will give you a special experience. It will also have a self-driving mode like Tesla. The company claims that the users will like it very much.


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