Xiaomi Mix Fold 4 Leaked, This ultimate device engaged with Ultimate Features

This year, Xiaomi launched its best Xiaomi Ultra 14 series globally, which is very much liked by people. Now, after this, the company has leaked some information about Fold 4, which tells us about its features because last year, the company launched Fold 3 with excellent features. 

It is possible that this upcoming phone will enter the market with more features than its older version. It has been completely strengthened, which is not seen on older phones. Additionally, the older version developed a problem with creases after some time. This problem of creases in the device makes it an eyesore. 

The company has claimed that this problem will arise later. In addition, it has a large high-density battery starting with a hundred Watt of fast charging and wireless charging, a 50 MP fixed large aperture new outsole and new periscope, a waterproof and optimized x-axis motor, and 16/1 TB internal storage with Snapdragon 8 Gen 3, making it the best handset. 

The company is also testing two-way satellite communications and may include 50 MP cameras with periscope and waterproof capabilities. According to the abovementioned specifications, its weight will be less than the previous versions. The company is going to launch this upcoming phone in the market soon this year. After its launch, we will get concrete information about it, and its price in India can be more than a lakh rupee. 

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