How to adjust the volume in multiple apps on Xiaomi devices

Xaiomi’s HyperOS software is designed completely differently from Android. It also adds many additional features compared to MIUI 14, making the user experience even more convenient. The update of HyperOS, which focuses on improving the device, includes different new features. Now, the company has provided information about another feature: how to adjust volume in multiple apps. 

The device also brings aesthetic improvements and enhanced security features to Xiaomi smartphone models globally. Xiaomi’s Sound feature allows users to play and control multiple audios simultaneously. This feature also allows adjusting the volume of numerous audio sources running simultaneously instead of controlling the volume of the entire system at once. 

Xiaomi How to adjust the volume in multiple apps

You can easily see separate volume controls for different apps. The audio from the app running in the background will reduce the volume of your other social media messages. To turn on this feature, users can follow these steps – 

  • Touch the Settings, 
  • Tap Sound and Vibrations, 
  • Touch Sound Assistant,
  • Click on Adjust Media Sound in Multiple Apps.

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