Xiaomi 15 and Xiaomi 15 Pro’s new features are leaked

News about Xiaomi’s upcoming models, the Xiaomi 15 and the Xiaomi 15 Pro has been going on for a long time. Earlier, it was reported that the Snapdragon 8 Gen 4 chipset will be used in this device. This device will come with better camera quality performance than the Xiaomi 14 series and will also be able to do two-way satellite communication like the Xiaomi 14 series. 

The Xiaomi 15 series is also being featured on many websites. The model’s use of the upcoming Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 Gen 4 Processor has increased people’s expectations for its features. Earlier, it was speculated that the device would have a 200 MP main camera and a 6,000 mAh battery. 

If we talk about its display, 1.5K LTPO will be used in it, which promises to give a high level of aesthetics with better touch quality. Some changes have also been made to the display, as it has a 2K substrate full-depth micro curved screen, which further enhances the display’s quality without changing the screen size. 

According to DCS, the Xiaomi 15’s camera setup can be paired with a 50 MP primary camera and a 50 MP 3X vertical telephoto macro lens. The camera has been updated with telephoto macro, full range, and ultra-large aperture, providing the best quality photos in all scenarios. 

The pictures taken with these cameras will not show any storage and will provide a very versatile and powerful photography experience. Massive storage is required to keep these pictures and videos, and users are expected to have up to 16GB of RAM and up to 1TB of storage options in the Xiaomi 15. 

Regarding the design of this device, it can have black and white glass on the back, but it is more likely that this upcoming device will have a better leather finish. The Xiaomi 15 Pro opts for a great look with a square deco in the upper left corner. An ultrasonic under-screen fingerprint scanner will also be used to keep the device safe, which will be seen for the first time on a device. 

Apart from this, the device is also equipped with dual stereo speakers for better audio quality, which also ensures a great increase in sound quality. However, there is also good news for game lovers as it also uses a better cooling system, which will keep your phone cool for a long time. This device features more premium-grade features, and its performance level can be considered to be the best. 

This upcoming Xiaomi device is expected to hit all global markets this October. The series will include Xiaomi 15 and Xiaomi 15 Pro Titanium models. However, the Pro and Pro Titanium versions of the Xiaomi 15 will be available only in China. Considering the materials and memory chips, the Xiaomi 15 series will likely have higher prices. We are eagerly waiting to see these devices in the market.  


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