Xiaomi has now started testing HyperOS 2.0

Xiaomi has officially confirmed that HyperOS 2.0 can be tested on devices soon, and leak is spotted by the XiaomiTime Team.

It is expected that HyperOS 2.0 will be officially introduced in October. It may also replace HyperOS 1.0 in the coming time, including newly developed features. 

According to a report, a new extension named [OSBigversion] has been found on the Xiaomi OTA server. This latest extension introduces HyperOS versions. If we look at the earlier HyperOS 1.0, then [OSBigversion] => 1.0 can be easily seen in its extension.

In HyperOS 2.0, this extension can be seen as [OSBigversion] => 2.0. Earlier, no extension was called OSBigversion, and Bigversion was used for major MIUI versions. 

The OTA server has also been added for this new HyperOS version, which new HyperOS version will also be rolled out to your device without any problem.

Also, some new devices will already include HyperOS 2.0. HyperOS versions are expected to have build numbers starting with V816, while MIUI was first released with 16.8.2010. 

It can be seen as the successor to HyperOS 1.0 and can also be used as MIUI 15. It is being speculated that HyperOS 2.0 will be announced with the Xiaomi 15 series in October.

Right now, we have to wait a bit for the full rollout of HyperOS 2.0. Before the rollout, the company will provide information about the device. 

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